Workplace Safety

Team safety is a top priority

Farm and feedlot safety is a priority at VRP Farms. The owners and management take pride in providing safe working conditions for all employees through effective farm safety education and training initiatives. Every worker on this farm is required to follow safe work practices. They are responsible for working in a safe manner and for reporting any real or potential safety or health hazards.

The Facts:

Our standards are the highest – “Zero accidents, Zero incidents'. There is no compromise of safe work practices to improve schedule, production, or cost performance.

In addition to the creation of our own VRP standards, policies and processes for occupational health and safety, we participate in the recently launched Alberta Feedlot Safety Program. This program was designed and implemented by Alberta Cattle Feeders Association in conjunction with Critical Hazard HSE Ltd. It’s the first program designed exclusively for feedlot operators, and the only program designed to be fully customizable according to the unique operations of individual businesses. Learn more … New program customizes farm safety for feedlots

VRP does regular safety inspections, holds regular staff safety meetings, offers ongoing training on safe work practices, encourages staff to report potential/actual safety or health hazards, investigates reported hazards or incidents, as well as follows schedules for the maintenance of equipment and buildings.