Our Feedlots

Our Feedlots

Van Raay Paskal Farms is primarily focused on producing large volumes of top-quality Canadian beef for local customers and consumers throughout the world. We strive to set the highest standards in responsible and sustainable cattle production - we take care of our cattle above all else. Our years of cattle feeding experience, training of employees, consulting of experts and continuing efforts to do research/ implement best practices are all aimed at ensuring we can guarantee food safety, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the integrity of not only our company but the Canadian beef industry as well.

Simply the facts:

VRP operates 8 feedlots, located in the Southern Alberta communities of Iron Springs, Picture Butte, Turin and Enchant.

East Lot
Home Lot
Lost Lake Feedlot
North Lot
RPL Feedlot
South Lot
Turin Feedlot
West Lot
Our Locations

VRP has the capacity to feed up to 150 000 head of cattle at one time. (That’s putting a lot of high quality beef on family tables!!)

Alberta is the ideal place to raise cattle- moderate climate, good soil, available land base and access to good quality feeder cattle and grain. Learn more: Beef Production - Alberta Cattle Feeders Association

Our cattle are purchased as calves or yearlings throughout western Canada. These cattle are fed a diet of grain and silage for up to six months until they gain important muscle and marbling. After this period they will be transported to various beef processors in Canada and the United States.

We feed our cattle silage (forage) from corn and soft wheat that is grown on our own land. We feed grains such as barley and wheat that is purchased from farmers throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

All of the manure produced by our cattle is utilized as fertilizer. It acts as a source of organic material and nitrogen to grow our crops.

VRP has 114 valued employees that are committed to providing the up-most care for our animals and we are devoted to ensuring our feedlots provide a safe site for our teams and the cattle we feed. We commit to provide training and well-maintained facilities and equipment to prevent incidents in the workplace that result in injury or illness. Read more... Our Commitment / Workplace Safety

Quality Assurance monitoring programs are in place to ensure that day-to-day operations are being performed to the highest standards, to guarantee safety for our employees and safe, high quality beef for consumers. Read more… Our Commitment / Animal Health & Safety

Our consulting vet monitors and oversees all animal health, Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, is a highly recognized Canadian feedlot practitioner and researcher in advanced bovine medicine and epidemiology.

VRP utilizes a computerized health program, with standardized and documented animal health procedures.

We practice low stress cattle handling training and use these principles in handling cattle in our daily operations. Read more… Our Commitment / Animal Care & Food Safety

Beef produced at VRP feedlots is sold locally, across Canada, the USA and the world. You can find our product in McDonalds, Safeway, Costco, Save-On Foods, Superstores, Loblaw’s, and many more. We care about our cattle because our family and staff eat our beef everyday. It’s important to us that we are producing safe, healthy, delicious beef.

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