The foundation of our business is family. More than three generations of our families have lived and worked in Southern Alberta. The Van Raay and Paskal families joined their feedlot and farming businesses in 2015 to create VRP Farms.

Everyone at VRP Farms is committed to the highest standards of animal care, environmental sustainability, workplace safety and continuous improvement in all that we do to bring food to tables in Canada and worldwide.

<strong>Our Business</strong>

Our Business

Over the years our business has evolved and expanded.
<strong>Our People</strong>

Our People

At the core of every successful business must be the people.
<strong>Our Commitment</strong>

Our Commitment

Everyone at VRP Farms is commited to excellence in our business, industry & community.
<strong>Our Careers</strong>

Our Careers

We are proud of the team at VRP Farms - and are always on the lookout for new members.